Immigrants to be given £8,500 upon arrival to boost economy

Under new legislation to be bought in by both the Conservative and Labour parties after the election, immigrants are to be given a cash lump sum or ‘Golden Welcome’ when they arrive in the UK.

Labour leader Ed Miliband teamed up with Prime Minister David Cameron to make a joint announcement as a show of good faith and bipartisanship before the general election. Miliband said that Immigrants would recieve at least £8,500 within 4 weeks of arrival, while Cameron pledged a £4750 pay out after job seeking for 6 months.

Tory party spokesman Michael Green explained the policy shift: ‘The economy still isn’t moving as quickly as we would like it to, so after studies on who spends the most money on British products and services, we came to the conclusion that if we gave immigrants a cash sum after arriving in the UK, it would be spent, as opposed to British tax payers, who would likely pay down their debts with it or save for a mortgage, which doesn’t help to raise tax revenue’

The Labour party added in a joint press release ‘Although not a populist move in line with the current British public, We believe that this shows how strong labour will be when it comes to improving the economy’

BFNN’s political commentators note that while conservatives are seen as strong on the economy, Labour is trying to rebuild a reputation badly damaged by allowing the 2008 financial crisis, and believe that this method of quantitive easing will help give British people jobs.

When we told members of the public about the scheme today, some people were not as confident of the scheme:

Terry, 39 from Rotherham had this to say: ‘I’ve lived in a council house all my life, had to queue up in front of a British job centre all my life  and have to top up my electicity meter with my fuel allowance, and yet the politicians just want to give money to immigrants for doing nothing. I was born in this country and the government has never given me any help at all’

While Anne, from Barnstaple said ‘What happens if all the money just gets spent in Polish supermarkets or Asian food shops? Will this actually help British jobs?’

While Stanislav Wakowski, who recieved a cash reward of £1900 in January as part of a trial run of the scheme said ‘Its been really useful, I’ve spent the money on clothes, take-aways and a new iphone’

Whether this really will boost the economy remains to be seen.

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